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Just in time for the Olympic games, Google is bringing its indoor maps to the UK. This Google Maps feature is currently available on Android devices, and lets us users navigate our way and get walking directions not only in the street, but inside building as well. There are currently over 40 venues in the UK featured on indoor maps, including the British Museum, King’s Cross Station, the O2 Arena and most big airports.

The indoor map feature is not a new one Navigate Indoors With The New Version Of Google Maps For Android 2.1+ [News] Navigate Indoors With The New Version Of Google Maps For Android 2.1+ [News] Google Maps for mobile is 6 years old (happy birthday!). To celebrate the occasion, Google launched Google Maps 6.0 for Android. The updated version of the app includes the much-anticipated indoor maps (a feature which... Read More – users in the U.S. have been enjoying it since late last year, with Canada, Japan and Switzerland joining the fun not long after. The inclusion of the UK right now is an added bonus for everyone lucky enough to visit London this summer for the Olympic games, and will definitely save many from constantly asking around for directions. All you have to do is find where you want to go, and get simple walking directions. If you enable the My Location feature, you might even be able to see a “you are here” dot.

While 40 venues is not much for such a big country, this number is bound to grow quickly. In fact, any building owner can submit a floor plan to Google, line it up with existing satellite images on and have the building appear on Google Maps.

Are you excited for this new feature? If you’ve had it for a while, how useful do you find it?

Source: Google Lat Long Blog


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