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Google have just rolled out a new version of their Google+ app for iOS, bringing with it a new design and a new Google+ experience. In addition to the visual overhaul, iOS users with an iPhone 4, 4S or iPod Touch can now also use the front-facing cameras on their devices to take part in Hangouts.

The new interface is certainly an attractive and improved one over previous versions, with crisper fonts, large profile pictures and improved readability for the main stream. Transitional effects while reading your feed and chatting to friends via the renamed Messenger (formerly Huddle) also bolster the app’s visual appeal.

Google seem pretty excited about the update; Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra posted on the Official Google Blog:

“Looks alone aren’t enough—you also need an app that’s fast and fluid. Even a simple swipe gesture can inspire the same “wheeee!” as the bubble wands and ball pits we enjoy(ed) as kids. So today’s update pays special attention to fun and performance.”

Flowery language indeed, but this new and improved version seems to be attracting more positive reviews than past versions which were panned for their UI and lack of features. In the same blog post, Gundotra added that a new Android version is coming within a few weeks with a few “extra surprises” to look forward to.

Download: Google+ @ App Store


What do you think of the new version? Do you use Google+ on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Official Google Blog

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