Google Docs Collaboration In Hangouts Is Now Available To All Users [Updates]

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Google Docs integration has graduated from extras, and is now a regular Hangouts feature available for everyone. For smaller teams of ten members or less, Google Hangouts is a wonderful collaboration tool in real time, and with Google Docs collaboration becoming a core feature on Google Hangouts, this could get a serious boost.

The new intergation means that aside from regular video and audio conferences, Hangout participants can upload and share various Google Docs, and edit them collaboratively as the meeting progresses. Try it out by launching a Hangout and clicking on the new Docs button. From there on you can:

  • Add an existing document, or upload a new one.
  • View uploaded documents in the left side of the window.
  • Choose to toggle between and collaboratively edit multiple documents at once.

Google Docs integration was a available as preview feature since last year, along with screen sharing and sketchpad. Robin Schriebman from Google shared the update on Google+ and mentioned:

Google+ community has used it for all sorts of awesome — from trip planning and lecture notes to doodling and charades. Today I’m happy to announce that we’re graduating Google Docs to the core Hangouts experience for all users.

Potential uses could range from recording minutes on a Google Doc or working collaboratively on a term project, deciding on an itinerary, or just taking down impromptu notes. The Google Docs integration has certainly placed video conferencing on steroids. Do you agree?

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Source: Google Plus

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Georg Portenkirchner

But only until Google is closing down Google Docs!

Saikat Basu

That is unlikely to happen. They will have to close down all Chromebook manufacturing plants and a lot of other things as well :)

suneo nobi

God knows what google plans next!



Google Docs collaboration in Hangouts (Geogle+) is great for students. Teachers should rejoice as well. Students can work collaboratively on a project, exchange ideas, brainstorming, editing, etc. Also business people can benefit from it.


Nevzat A

It looks like nobody trusts Google 100% anymore. G.Reader ruined it all.

Kamran Mackey

Why are you talking about Google Reader? It’s dead. Feedly is a great alternative:

Saikat Basu

Nevzat is talking about the perception of trust we had with Google…not particularly about Google Reader.


Alemseged Alemayehu

I want to download GoogleEarth software


Onaje Asheber

Great! But how long?

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