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Since it launched its web search, Google has ventured out into many other web-related avenues. It now offers Gmail, Calendar, Analytics, and many other popular web services. With Buzz, Google entered social networking. But Buzz still has a long way to go before it successfully helps people stay in touch with the latest trends. For that, Google has now launched the YouTube channel, Beat.

most popular google searches

The aim of the channel is to apparently update audiences on the latest Google searches and latest trends. The channel has been freshly launched and currently contains only one video. This video covers the top current Google searches in the US.

The recent nationwide recall of many eggs has been covered in the video as it apparently resulted in a lot of searches for “eggs recall”. Similarly other latest topics and searches are covered in an informative way.

Beat plans to roll out new videos every week; this will definitely help Beat’s subscribers stay in touch with what went on in the past 7 days.

popular google searches


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