What Does Google Autocomplete Say About Your Brand?

AEIR (Advanced Emotion Intelligence Research) is a team of researchers, software engineers and business specialists that extract data regarding products, people and businesses. Recently, they collected data on 100 brands using Google’s Suggest Queries API and autocompletion. Here are the results. The top 66 brands are listed here in order of brand value.

What do you reckon? Did it accurate depict your favourite companies?

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Manuth C

Apple and MSFT are dead?! WTF

Pete H

You’d expect that from Google. Also same for the comment about Samsung, since it’s the largest seller of Android OS devices. Needless to say, Apple and MSFT aren’t going to be pushing Google products, so hence the autocomplete…


Junil M

seems many people think tech companies are evil and food brands are not good for health. then why are they making so much money?


because even more people think exact opposite

Tom S

Same reason that some still think Sun revolves around Earth, men walked wirh dinosaurs, etc

Aibek E

because the ads those evil companies make tell you another story)



Since Apple and MSFT are apparently dead, dying, doomed, overrated, or evil, I typed “Linux is” and Google’s autocomplete gave responded, “the future”, “not unix”, “better than Windows”, “badass”. I guess Google loves Linux!



Colgate is injurious to health is probably the funniest one up there.

BTW, Honda IS better than Toyota. ;)



Why does “Japanese” show up for Nokia? Isn’t it a Finnish company?


Yaseen Jabbar



… Wait what



Since when is Skynet a good thing?



This is a really interesting article. My company actually wrote a response to this from the lens of employer branding and recruitment, check it out! http://jwti.co/QnLMBuQ

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