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logo.jpgFor as long as we can remember, Google Apps customers have been limited to a small list of Google products. Most Google Apps customers will find that they only have access to the basic services – email, documents, calendar, sites, chat and groups.

Google is finally taking a much welcomed step forward in offering more of its services to Google Apps users. If your company uses Google Apps, don’t expect the features to appear overnight. Your administrator will have to transition into the new infrastructure, choosing which applications they want included in their Google Apps package. Google Apps for Business and Education customers can even go so far as to control which services are available to each individual user.

Some of Google’s favourite services like Google Reader, Google Voice and AdWords will finally be accessible from your Google Apps account, amongst many others.

GA Apps.png

This is in addition to recently adding support for third party apps available in the Google Apps Marketplace.



If you haven’t already signed up for Google Apps on your own domain, you can do so for free for up to 50 users, and will get instant access to all the latest services.

Check out Google’s video with all the latest information on what Google Apps customers can get with the latest changes.

Which Google service are you looking forward to using most with your Google Apps account? Let us know in the comments.

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