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Ever wanted to build something out of LEGOs but avoid the danger of accidentally stepping on one of those foot-destroyers? Well, the Chrome team and LEGO Group sure have a treat for you: Build With Chrome.

Build With Chrome is a program that can run on Chrome (desktop or mobile) thanks to the 3D rendering technology WebGL. The mobile version, pictured below, relies on touch for navigation, whereas the desktop version uses mouse controls. Users can select from a wide variety of LEGO bricks, change the color, and rotate the bricks or the entire board.


For a little help getting started you can check out the Build Academy, a series of tutorials featuring characters from the upcoming LEGO movie. Of course, Build With Chrome also supports Google+ sign in so that you can save your creations as well as share them to your friends.

Like many Google projects, Build With Chrome started off as a side project just for fun. Originally built by a Google team in Australia, the Build With Chrome project is finally being opened up to everyone.

Will you be taking part? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share your creations with us on Google+.


Source: Google Blog

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