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Google Alerts is an extremely useful service that helps you monitor and stay up to date on latest developments about any product, website, blog, person, news story etc. It continuously scans web for relevant stories and delivers updates to your email address.

News Alert Email

There are 6 types available: News, Blogs, Web, Comprehensive, Groups and Video. News alert monitors news sources, Blogs for tracking blogs, and so on.

Google Alerts News

Some ways to use Google Alerts:

  • Stay up to date on a developing news story.
  • Get latest news on a celebrity, your favorite sports team or event.
  • Be the first to know when you or your website make the news.
  • Stay current on a competitor.

What makes Google Alerts particularly useful is the ability to use standard Google Operands like quotation marks, OR and AND connectors. For instance setting up an alert for Clinton AND Obama will bring you all news stories that mentions both of them.

Registration is not required, all it needs is an email address where you want to receive the alerts. Though if you subscribe you will be able to manage and edit their alerts from one place.

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