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If you are a privacy freak and want to find out when and how much of personal information Google is collecting then Google-Alarm is the tool you need. It is a Firefox add-on that alerts you whenever data is being sent to Google servers from your computer.

Most of the Google services like Gmail, Google Adsense, Analytics and YouTube are ubiquitous on the web, and when you visit a site that hosts code provided by any of the above services, the tracking process by Google begins.

google collecting personal information

Google Alarm pops up notifications and plays a sound like a real alarm when it finds that your data is being collected by Google. It also shows the percentage of websites you’ve visited which include Google tracking codes.

Watch demo video below:



  • Get alerts when Google collects personal data.
  • Alerts can be visual (pop ups) and through sounds.
  • Check what Google tracking codes are included in the current website.
  • See the percentage of sites you’ve visited with Google tracking codes.

Check out Google-Alarm @

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