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In response to numerous requests by Google Plus users, Google has added more privacy features to its social networking site. Previously, Plus users could only make content private after it was made public to one or more of their Plus Circles. But now you can select privacy controls before content is posted.

One of Google’s engineers, Ebby Amirebrahimi, in a recent video post, talked about how Google Plus Circles enable users to control who content is shared with. So you might have one circle for your family, another circle for co-workers, and a completely different circle for your tech groupies. This set up means you don’t have to share the same content with all of your followers.


To take privacy to another level, after you add content for one or more Plus Circles, click on the little triangle to the far right of the Share box and select “Disable Comments” and “Lock this post,” so it can’t be re-shared in the stream. Of course, that method is not foolproof. For example, anyone can take a screenshot of a photo you posted and share it.

While your privacy on Google Plus or any other social network may never be foolproof, Amirebrahimi said he “hopes these features will make you feel even more secure about sharing on Google Plus.” He added, “We’ll keep listening and rolling out features in the coming weeks and months, so let us know what you think.”

Additional privacy settings for Google Plus can be found in the Settings page of your Google Plus account.


Source: ReadWriteWeb

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