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Writing research papers 6 Top Reference Sites to Write a Winning Research Paper 6 Top Reference Sites to Write a Winning Research Paper Read More online just became a bit easier thanks to a new research sidebar added to Google Docs. The feature, which should show up the next time you open a Google document and can be reached at any time through the Tools menu, effectively opens a mini Google Search window alongside your document.

Type in a keyword and you’ll see Google results in the sidebar. Each result can be previewed via an additional sidebar pop-up. If it’s what you need, you can add it to your document via a link or cite it, which places a footnote in your document.

You can also reach the Research sidebar by right-clicking any word in a document and selecting Research from the menu. This will automatically search for that word. If you’d like to search for multiple terms at once you can highlight them with your cursor before right-clicking.

If your search is about a very specific person or place you’ll receive a summary at the top of the research sidebar before the search results. Entering the name of your favorite actor, for example, throws up his or her birth date, height, any awards they’ve won and some thumbnail pictures. You can do this for places, too, and you’ll receive a map along with the information previously listed.

All Google Documents users can access this immediately, so give it a try. What do you think of it?


Source: Ars Technica

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