Google Adds More Innovative Search Features [News]

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Google has just released a new batch of innovative features for search, including voice search for desktop, Google Instant for image search and search by image. This means users have more search options available to them and are given quicker results when they do searches with Google.

Google’s Inside Search event was where all these announcements were made, generating quite a stir in the tech community. You can learn more and watch the whole Inside Search event on the Google blog.

Search by image is a lot like TinEye search, since users can enter an image file into Google search, see where it came from and find out more about it. This is especially useful when you want to find out where memes started or find out who owns the copyright to an image.

To use the search by image service, users can either enter a URL, upload a file or drag and drop an image into the search. There’s also Chrome and Firefox extensions which allow users to right-click on images in order to search for them.

Google Voice Search is currently available only to users of Google Chrome 11 or higher. This could be handy for kids who aren’t good at spelling yet or people in the kitchen with their hands full. Check out this video of voice search in action.

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Another new search feature available just to Chrome developers is Instant Pages. This works by Google pre-rendering the page for users, allowing them to interact with the page they searched for immediately. When this has been thoroughly tested it will be rolled into stable versions of Chrome. Meanwhile, Firefox users can stick to using tools like CoolPreview.

Obviously, by adding so many great features into search purely in Chrome, Google has made Chrome look just a little more tempting. Will you switch from Firefox? Why or why not?

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Mark O’Neill

After trying them out, the voice search and the search by image are both rather hit-and-miss. ¬†It’s probably my accent that is sinking the voice search though. ¬†They are still very interesting though and worth watching to see where it goes in the future.

I do wonder though – with the save by image feature, does Google keep all the images after you’ve finished your search (to possibly index them later)? ¬†Or do they automatically delete them?


It would be interesting to see a comparison of google’s reverse image search against some more established ones.

Angela Alcorn

Good question. I’ll bet they keep it and run they’re own analytics on which images are being searched for.

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