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One of Facebook’s most popular features is events. There’s unlikely to be many people reading this now who have not interacted with Facebook events in one way or another. Up until recently, Google+ was missing this all-important events feature but, Google being Google, it’s now here and it’s nothing like what we know from Facebook. Google+ Events are not merely meant to help you organize an event before the day, they’re also meant to be an integral part of the interaction while the event is happening, and offer a place to go back to for photos, highlights, etc.

So what are Google+ Events? Similarly to Facebook, you can can create a Google+ Event when you want to let your friends know of an upcoming party, trip, picnic, etc. and find out who is coming, who’s bringing what, and more. Unlike Facebook though, Google+ Events automatically sync to your Google Calendar, so you’re not going to say “I’m going” an forget all about it 5 minutes later. When you set up a new event, you can choose a cover photo, or theme, for the event. There’s a big collection of photos to choose from, but you can also add one of your own.

The real difference starts during the event. When you get to the party or dinner, your Google+ app will give you the option to enable Party Mode. Party Mode means that any photo you take with your phone during the event is automatically and immediately uploaded to the event’s page on Google+. Google explains this feature as an attempt to make sure these photos actually get uploaded and watched, instead of forgotten on your phone. You can disable party mode at any time if you don’t want to upload your photos.

After the event, the page turns into a summary of the day, with photos and comments in chronological order so that guests can browse through them. Google+ events can be started through the regular update box, so you simply click on the calender icon to start en event. Watch this video for a quick summary of this new feature.


What do you think of Google+ Events? Better or worse than Facebook?

Source: Official Google Blog

  1. Muhammad Ahmad
    July 12, 2012 at 6:01 am

    excellent feature.

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