Google Adds More Detailed Geographical Features To Google Maps [Updates]

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The team behind Google Maps have most certainly been busy over the month of October. They’ve added tons of pictures to Street View, and they’ve even gone to the Grand Canyon with Street View cameras strapped to their backs. They are looking to keep that momentum going with the addition of more detailed geography to Maps. This will help users get a more realistic feel for the maps on the service. It will allow them to better find out about the diverse features all over the Earth.

The update to Google Maps shows terrain, color gradations to depict vegetation, and labels for natural land formations. This creates maps that feel more alive. It will help users identify where major forests, deserts, and mountain ranges begin and end while exploring the maps. It is some truly valuable information, and it’s a serious reminder of how seriously Google takes its mapping services.

The first image above shows what Google Maps looked like before today’s update, and the bottom one shows what it looks like now.

These huge updates to Google Maps could not come at a better time, with Apple and its mapping services coming under fire for lack of detail. Google already had one of the most comprehensive mapping services on the Internet, and this just goes one step further in bringing that experience to another level.

The update is available now on desktop browsers. Give it a shot, and see if you can find places you never noticed before.

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Source: Google

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Yang Yang Li

The new updates will increase the contrast between Apple Maps and Google Maps. Hopefully, people will realize Apple isn’t as great as they make it out to be.



nothing new in SW NY, Bing has better up to date images


Ahmed Khalil

google maps stile on the top of its category


Nikhil Chandak

these google maps have now become more amazing


Gabriel Barron

I prefer to use Google Maps when i can for work…but birds eye view 3d on bing comes in handy sometimes…i say sometimes because while its cool. I have found that some parts are really outdated compared to images used for aerial view. Go Google Maps!!!!

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