Google Adds Community Forums To Google+ [Updates]

google discuss   Google Adds Community Forums To Google+ [Updates]On Thursday, Google rolled another social networking tool for Google+ users, called Communities, which looks and feels similar to regular Google+ streams, but are topic-based, rather than user-based, forums. The role of Communities is for users to share rich conversations about shared topics of interests—be it a private book club, a hobby, a local neighborhood project, an international forum about a particular issue, or anything in between.

Google+ Communities have rapidly grown within a few days of the tool’s launch. Public Communities include topics ranging from HDR Photography, Android Development, Smartphone Photographers, Google Plus Book Club, to App Marketing, and Linux Users.

Google communities1   Google Adds Community Forums To Google+ [Updates]

Any Google+ member can start a Private or Public Community. To browse and explore existing communities, or to start a new one, locate and select the green and white Communities icon on the left side of your Google+ page (see screenshot above.) The steps for creating a community including deciding to make it Public or Private, choosing a unique name for the community, writing a description, and inviting people to the forum space.

Google communities create1   Google Adds Community Forums To Google+ [Updates]

Those wishing a join a Private community must request a membership from the moderator. Private communities can be hidden from web search results; however, the name and photo of a private community that’s hidden from search will still be visible to people who type in or directly visit the community’s web address.

Google+ Communities can of course include media posts (photos, videos, calendar events) and links just like regular Google+ pages.

Source: TechCrunch

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Ashwin Ramesh

Following the footsteps of Orkut I guess… but yeah, Google bought Orkut ;) I always liked Orkut for it’s communities though… So all the better now :)

Bakari Chavanu

I never heard of Orkut. Was it a community based network?

Ashwin Ramesh

Seriously?! Orkut was the next big thing among social networks… until Facebook arrived ;) You can still check out . But hardly anyone uses Orkut these days…

James Hudson

oo that the thing youtube has when you goto accounts! is it still a thing?


I like it so far. It is more interactive!

Bakari Chavanu

Michael, you don’t find some of the threads to get too long and linear?

Pranav Mahajan

couldnt find muo community

Bakari Chavanu

We will probably eventually create one, particularly if readers like yourself are asking for it. Thanks.

Mac Witty

Noticed it – an explosion. Maye they could have “check” and tell people that there already are a couple of groups with the same content before creating a new one. I got a lot of invitation to groups with nearly the same topic

Bakari Chavanu

Good suggestion, Mac. You should post your feedback in the G+ Community Group.

Shelly Olmstead

Not too sure how I feel about the communities as of yet, but I’m sure I’ll grow to appreciate them, just how I grew to appreciate Google+ itself as its own social network (I really see no way you can compare it to Facebook, outside of the fact that it’s a social network, its user interface is quite different).