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eBay is known to be a great place for bargain hunters. But with many other buyers bidding on items, it’s not always easy to find stuff at cheap prices. There is one trick: some items get listed on eBay with misspelled or bad written titles, resulting in few buyer bids and low price (ex: Playstation listed as Paaytation). Goofbay lets you search these misspellings and discover hidden bargains.

Just enter a product name into the field, choose “Misspellings” and hit “Search”. You will get a list of auctions containing misspellings sorted by auction end times.

search misspellings

Site has a number of other useful Ebay tools, couple of them are:

Not in Title Checker – Searches for listings that don’t contain an important product keyword in the title. So, If you search for “PSP Games”, it will lists those games, which don’t contain PSP or Games in the title. Games listed in PSP category with a title like “new games” usually go undiscovered on Ebay.

Negative Feedback Checker – Lets you sort the whole feedback history of a seller by negative, postive and neutral feedbacks.



  • Useful tools that help you shop smarter on Ebay.
  • Find great bargains by searching for product name misspellings.
  • Find great deals by searching for undiscovered listings due to omission of important product name keyword in the title.
  • Sort feedback history of sellers by positive/negative rating.
  • Similar  sites: AuctionBloopers and TypoBuddy.

Check out GoofBay @

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