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Google Chrome is making a move to your desktop with powerful extensions sitting atop the browser. One of these extensions is GooEdit, an online image editor for Chrome that works using HTML5. This tool lets you do light image editing from your browser.

Unlike desktop image editors, you can take an image from any website and edit them on the spot with GooEdit.

basic image editor

GooEdit is very easy to use. Once the extension is installed, you have several image options available to you. You can flip, crop, and rotate images, adjust brightness, view and edit the histogram, and add effects. Image effects include sepia, grayscale, solarize, invert, blur, sharpen, and sepia.

basic image editor

Use the ALT + Right Mouse button to select an image. Once you finish editing, click the extension icon to load the image to a new tab. You can then save the image to your computer.


GooEdit is a handy tool for anyone who needs a basic image editor and likes working on the cloud.


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