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Goodzer is a new product-focused search engine that lets you search for any thing that sells in stores around you. The category of products is not confined to electronics and computers but expands to include every thing ranging from coffee to boots. Since its a first release, Goodzer currently only serves the New York city area but plans to expand globaly.

search engine for products

To start with, simply enter the product you are looking for and enter a zip code or location to confine your results. Goodzer will display results on the left sidebar and mark all the stores included in the result on Google Maps. You can expand the search radius anywhere from 1 mile to 10 miles and sort results by relevance, price or distance.

search engine for products

Each result listing includes the price of the item, name of the store, a thumbnail of the product, distance from your location and address of the store. Clicking on the product name would take you to the store website, in most cases also allowing you to purchase the product online. Clicking on the address brings it up as a pop-up on Google maps allowing you to see more details about the store including a snapshot from Google Street view and an option to retrieve directions. the search engine currently claims to cover 15,000 stores in the NYC area and lets you suggest a store if its not in your database. Even though there is a significant amount of work to be done on the accuracy of the results, the fact that it is both fast and location-focused makes it a very useful tool.

search engine for products


Note from the developer:

“The only thing I would add is the explanation how our technology and approach is different from what existing services (Google Product Search, Milo (recently acquired by eBay), etc) are using.
Unlike mentioned websites(they all collect product data via direct integration with the retailers, which makes it extremely hard to scale so for them it is possible to cover only national chains and large retailers) our AI-powered engine is based on the smart crawler/parser and allows us to quickly aggregate product data from any retailer, big and small. This approach is also extremely scalable. ”


  • Search for products in local stores.
  • See stores on Google Maps.
  • Sort results by price, distance or relevance.
  • See Google Street view and obtain directions.
  • Indexes over 15,000 stores in NYC.
  • No registration required.
  • iPhone app supported.

Visit Goodzer @

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  1. Korr Mett
    January 20, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Well, location-based service which is ACTUALLY useful