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Most of us have a cause we care about – saving the environment, protecting the endangered animals, supporting orphans etc., but can’t find the time to get to it and devote more of ourselves. Now you can support your favorite charity by doing what you do almost every day – searching the web, the only difference is that you will have to use GoodSearch’s search engine that supports charities.

search engines that support charities

How it works:

  1. Search for a charity or a cause (cancer, pets, environment etc.) you would like to support from the field “Who do you GoodSearch for?”
  2. Pick a charity from the list and click to confirm it.
  3. Search for anything online as you normally do. The 50% of advertising revenues generated from your searches will go to your selected charity (on average 0.01$ per search)

You can search the Internet from the website or from your browser by installing the GoodSearch toolbar. You can always change the cause that you support by selecting a different charity.


  • Raise money for charity (protecting environment, homeless pets, cancer research etc) by using the GoodSearch search engine.
  • No financial or time cost to you.
  • Half of revenues from your searches are directed to the charity of your choice.
  • Search from GoodSearch website or directly from your browser by installing the GoodSearch toolbar.
  • Search results powered by Yahoo!.
  • View the amount raised through user searches for every participating charity.
  • Similar web tools: Pledgie, ReplyForAll and FreeRice.

Check out GoodSearch @


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