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Screenshot1201If you’re looking for suggestions for the next good book to read, the social networking site Goodreads has launched a Netflix-style book recommendation feature for members of its site. According to a recent Goodreads blog post, book recommendations will “take into account what you like and don’t like and what certain books mean to you“. It will personalize recommendations based on your book ratings, and books you have favored in your Goodreads library.

Earlier this year, Goodreads acquired a company by the name of Discovereads which uses algorithmic book recommendation technology “to find general patterns of the kinds of books people read and to generate high quality personalized recommendations.”

Goodreads maintains that the more you rate books in your account, the better recommendations you will receive. Book recommendations are broken down into favorite genres, like art, crime, history, memoirs, science, chick lit, and young adult novels. Book recommendations in turn will be presented to you in the categories you set up in your Goodreads account.


Using the Discovereads technology, Goodreads also expects that even ad-sponsored books that show up on members’ pages will reflect more closely their reading interests.


What sets Goodreads apart from say Amazon is that members can choose to follow other members who have similar reading tastes and interests. You can use your account to add ratings and comments to books, as well as recommend books to your followers. Regular participation on the site should provide bookworms with plenty of suggestions for their book wishlists.

Source: Goodreads Blog

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