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Many products we bring home every day might contain hazardous elements inside, can be dangerous to the environment or might have been produced using a sweatshop labour. Manufacturers don’t always provide full disclosure on their products so it is quite hard to obtain this information on your own.

GoodGuide aims to change this by bringing information transparency to the products that we use. It provides a  comprehensive guide on more than 70,000 products with ratings, expert recommendations and advice. Using it you can find and compare healthy and green products that are safe for your children and family.

products ratings

Browse products by their overall ratings or by their health, environmental and social impacts. View which products to avoid and which ones are safe.

products ratings


  • Find and compare products that are safe, green and healthy.
  • Comprehensive guide of more than 70,000 products ratings.
  • Browse products by their overall ratings and by their health, environmental and social performances
  • Product information is collected from government data sources, academic institutions and non-government data sources
  • Access GoodGuide product info from a cellphone by sending text messages or from your iPhone
  • Free, no sign up needed. Register to save products in your shopping list.

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