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In this day and age, people are becoming more and more aware of the implications of our lifestyle on the environment. If you love seafood, it is useful to know which types of fish and their recipes are the most environmentally friendly. GoodFishBadFish is an Australian website that provides useful information on the environmental sustainability of various seafoods. It has a seafood converter tool that lets you know more about the sustainability of a specific type of fish, as well as alternative cooking options for a greener recipe.

seafood environmental impact

To use GoodFishBadFish’s seafood converter, select a fish from the dropdown menu in the website or type the fish’s name in the search box. The site will then show the sustainability ratings from various Australian environmental bodies, as well as pertinent fisheries information. It also suggests other seafood alternatives that you can substitute for it that are better in terms of their sustainability. It even provides instructions on how to cook these sustainable seafood alternatives.

While GoodFishBadFish is an Australian website, the information you can get from it is very applicable elsewhere in the world.


  • Provides various tips and information regarding seafood sustainability.
  • Find out the sustainability ratings of different types of seafoods.
  • Provides sustainable seafood cooking suggestions.
  • Provides seafood restaurant sustainability reviews.
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