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good-keywords-interface.png As any successful webmaster / blogger will tell you, the key to a successful website is to get the right keywords. The keywords are the words that search engine users will use to find websites that they are looking for. So it pays to get it right, whether you are optimizing your website meta-tags, post titles or working out which keywords to use in your next Google Adwords campaign. You can’t do a slapdash job otherwise you’ll find that your nice shiny new website doesn’t get any visitors.

I used to find it extremely tiring researching keywords. I’d be sitting in front of Google or Yahoo for ages typing in random phrases and seeing what popped up. I’d be looking at places such as Technorati or Google Blog Search and I would still be clueless as to what keywords I should be using to make my blog more accessible to the discerning web surfer. But then I discovered a neat free little program called “Good Keywords” which takes all the stress out of the process. It’s such a great program that Search Engine Watch called it “a keeper”.

The website that offers “Good Keywords” also offers various other keyword-related programs such as Keyword Pad (for managing long lists of keywords) and Keyword Explorer which analyzes keyword phrases. But the real jewel in the crown is “Good Keywords”.

“Good Keywords” is a tiny 500kb program which gives you several options when you start it. The main feature – and the real goldmine in my opinion – is the “Keyword Suggestions” box. This links to Yahoo and Overture and when you enter a keyword in the box, it goes to Yahoo and Overture and instantly brings back LOTS of variations of the keyword along with the number of search engine queries for those keywords over the past month (the most popular keyword phrase being at the top).


By entering your keywords into this program, you can find out right away the search query habits of internet users so you can know which keywords to include and which ones to exclude. Not only it can make your titles more Google / Yahoo friendly, but also can make a financial difference for the better if you are running an Adwords campaign where the wrong keywords could end up costing you a lot of wasted money.

Other options that the program gives you includes possible misspelled variations of a keyword, a keyword phrase builder, a website analyzer (which tells you the site’s PageRank as well as the number of other sites that link to it) and a keyword organizer.


“Good Keywords” is freeware and it never nags you to register for anything and it never asks for an email address. It is simply just a great little tool which fills a big need. This is most definately a keeper on my PC.

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