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Google recently released a pretty interesting online calculator that helps you calculate the total savings for your business if you decide to ditch Microsoft tools like Office, Outlook and other such services for Google apps. It’s a clever presentation where it asks you to enter the company’s name, number of employees and then starts showing the savings slides one after the other.

switch to google apps

It shows you the savings in storage, increase in productivity and more, all per employee. At the end of the presentation it provides various methods like a PDF file, a URL and a poster to share the entire presentation with your employees.

In the screenshot below, I considered MakeUseOf to be a 30 employee company as an example. Check what I got.

switch to google apps

switch to google apps


Obviously, it assumes a lot of things while calculating so results may not be accurate for each company.


  • Online calculator by Google to calculate Google Apps switch savings.
  • Just enter name and number of employees to get started.
  • Check the various savings slides by clicking on “Next”.
  • Share the presentation through means like URL, PDF file, Google Docs, email etc.

Check out Gone

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