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Here is another handy website for those who like taking beautiful outdoor pictures. Golden-Hour is actually a calculator which shows the time of Golden Hour for different areas. The term “Golden Hour” (sometimes also referred to as the Magic Hour) is used in photography to define the time of the day when sun position brings special quality of light that is great for taking beautiful photographs. You can read more on this on Wikipedia.

To use the calculator simply click on the map or select a location from the drop down list. It will then calculate the transit of the sun through the sky and present the panel below the map with the Golden Hour clearly marked around dawn and dusk. You can also explore how the Golden Hour shifts with the seasons by browsing different calendar dates.

golden hour photos


  • Golden hour calculator.
  • Tells you the times of the day when you can take beautiful pictures.
  • Click any location on the map or choose from the list.
  • Explore golden hour shifts throughout the year.
  • Similar site: BlueHour and ShotAddict.

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