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When it comes to cooking websites, there are many that the Internet offers you. Most of these sites let you search for cooking recipes according to the ingredients you want included in the recipe. But if in addition to that, you want to look for recipe that exclude ingredients you dislike, check out Gojee.

search for delicious recipes

Gojee asks you first to create an account before you can start looking for recipes. Next you look for recipes according to any one ingredient you like; you can also specify the ingredient that should not be included in the recipes that are shown. The names of recipes with a description of them are shown in a semi-transparent window; in the background you can see a beautiful picture of the completed recipe. The window lets you favorite recipes, read their ingredients, and be taken to the detailed instructions for preparation.

search delicious recipes

You can switch to other recipes using arrows that appear in the right and left of the webpage.

find delicious recipes


If you like a recipe and want to share it with your friends, you can do so through the share button in the top right of the webpage; you can email the recipe page or share it on Twitter and Facebook.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you look for recipes through an ingredient you like.
  • You can specify which ingredients to exclude.
  • Provides beautiful pictures of completed recipes.
  • Shows list of ingredients, recipe description, and link to preparation instructions.
  • Lets you favorite recipes to revisit later.
  • Lets you share recipes with friends.
  • Similar tools: Recipefy, Cookzillas, ManTestedRecipesPunchforkCookletRecipeChimp and Foodily.

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