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Ads by Google a URL shortening service 10 Short URL Services Face Off! 10 Short URL Services Face Off! Read More for Google search queries. If you have to send those long Google search queries result links to your friends on IM’s, email or Twitter tweets etc this could be an ideal tool for you.

You just need to add your search keyword after and the URL will take you to the required Google search query page. Multiple keywords can be separated by a comma (,) or a plus sign (+).

  • Shorten long Google links for easy sharing on IM, Twitter and Email.
  • Simple and very easy to use.
  • No sign up required. Free

Check out @ googlise.appspot

  1. AnimeVu Team
    September 27, 2016 at 12:11 am

    There's also which is good, works on phone and desktop

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