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If you are addicted to Google Docs and prefer it as your document hub, GoFileDrop will make your life easier. GoFileDrop is a tool that allows people to drag and drop files to your Google Docs account from anywhere by simply using a web browser. Once you authenticate the tool to use your Google account, you will get a permanent URL containing your Gmail address.

Users can then go to that URL using any browser and upload files. These files will instantly appear in your Google Docs account. The tool gives you 50MB of free space in the beginning which is plenty to receive simple files. Users don’t have to sign in or authenticate themselves which slightly compromises the privacy of your account, but not enough to undermine the great functionality it offers.

drag and drop files to google docs


  • Let users upload files to your Google Docs account.
  • Drag and drop files to a permanent URL using any browser.
  • Receive an instant email when a file is uploaded.

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