GoalBot: Step By Step Goal Tracking & Sharing

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There are several online tools that you can find about goal tracking, but only a few have functions that allow you to think through your goals and plan them carefully. Goalbot is a different kind of goal tracking tool. This web application allows you to accomplish goals with resources to help you create a step-by-step action plan.

The first element of Goalbot is Learn. Here, you can enter your goals or search for other people’s goals. These could range from simple tasks such as losing weight or learning to speak a foreign language. You can also set big goals like finding happiness or starting your own business. Goalbot then provides an overview and relevant information for each goal. In addition, you can research about your goal and contribute articles to the website to help other people.

The next element of Goalbot is Plan. This includes creating an actionable step-by-step plan and adding activities to it that will help you accomplish them. You can also set a due date or a repeating schedule for each task to track your progress.

Another element is Connect. Here, you can write a journal entry if you want to record a note, write a message to your friends, or create a Goal Blog post. Finally, you can add friends and family to your account to get other people involved to motivate you, thus ensuring that you stay on track of your goals. You can also motivate others and talk about their goals and organize local meetups.

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Ultimately, the success or failure in accomplishing your goals is still up to you. That said, GoalBot is more than a to-do list because it provides a concrete program and provides all you need to know to finish a specific goal.


  • Accomplish your goals helping you learn more about them, plan for them, and connect with other people.
  • Search for goals or browse for most popular goals, recently active goals, and goals with top rated articles.
  • Learn more about a particular goal through a community-managed wiki.
  • Suggests relevant links and tools for goals.
  • Create an action plan with schedule.
  • Track which tasks you should focus on.
  • Write journal entries.
  • Connect with friends and family.
  • Discuss about goals with the online community.
  • Find local groups in your area that can help you accomplish your goal.

Check out Goalbot @ www.goalbot.org

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