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Amazon Gift Central‘s motto must be “helping even the most gift-giving challenged people the opportunity to give great gifts year round!”

Many of us do not have ready access to malls or enjoy shopping for gifts for our friends and family members. However, Amazon Gift Central provides a clean, easy to use interface that prepares you to select great gifts for your friends and family members without the hassle of driving to a mall or taking hours and hours to find the “perfect” gift.

Amazon Gift Central provides dozens of gift guides, so you can select by age, gender, price favorite activities of the recipient and more to select the perfect gift. In addition, keep track of what you purchased previously with the Gift Organizer.

Amazon Gift Organizer
Screenshot of Gift Organizer

Create a gift idea list by visiting Amazon Gift Central and adding the name and birthday of a person you want to select gifts for. Don’t forget to sign in to your account so your settings are saved. Once you’ve created a gift idea list, add new items to the list!

This is pretty easy:

    1. Browse for the item you want to add to your list, or visit the Gift Guides for gift ideas.
    2. Then, click the “Add to Wish List” button on the product’s detail page, and be sure to place the item in the correct wish list.
    3. Press “Go”!

Note: “Move to” will place the item only on the Gift Idea List you select. “Also add to” will place it on your Wish List and the selected Gift Idea List.

When it is time to purchase a gift, find a gift idea list by visiting your Amazon Wish List page, and look below the list of your wish lists for the ones you created. Also, link to your recipient’s Wish List (if they have a public one), so you have an idea of what they are looking for.

For information on how to make Wish Lists public, visit Amazon’s help pages. This will also generate two new sections on your Amazon Gift Central page, “From Wish Lists” and “Latest Activity.” Latest Activity will show you the most recent items your friend or family member has viewed – just so you can have an idea of what has interested them lately on

Make Amazon Wish Lists Public
Screenshot of Latest Activity

Amazon Gift Central also makes the best of the combination of the wish lists you’ve created and the wish lists that were self-created by the recipient and develops suggested gifts for you to take a look at as potential winners in the “best gift ever” competition!

Screenshot of Reccomended Items Sections

What’s your favorite way to organize your gift selection and gift giving? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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