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If you are a user of the Google+ social network, check out G+ Notifier. It is a useful downloadable Windows utility, which sits in the notification area of Windows and alerts you to new notifications in your Google+ network.

To use it, simply download and extract the zip file into a folder on your computer and run the file “GPlusNotifier.exe” to start the program. When you run it, you will be asked to sign into your Google+ account. The program icon is visible in the notification area (bottom right) of Windows showing the number of unread messages. To read a message from the list, double click on the item to open it in your browser.

google plus notifications


  • Alerts you to new notifications in your Google + social network.
  • Google + account required.
  • For Windows.
  • No installation required, simply download, unzip and run it.
  • Free and open source. Modify it according to your needs (if needed).

Check out G+ Notifier @

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