GmailWiz for Chrome: Save Time Using Dedicated Buttons For Instant Replies

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Gmail is the world’s most popular webmail service, with deep penetration in both the consumer and business markets. Google take a notoriously long time to graduate features in Gmail from the testing phase to a finished, ready-to-go product and one feature that’s still missing is the ability to quickly reply to mail with pre-determined messages, or “canned responses“.


One such way of adding functionality from a simple to use interface is called GmailWiz. The extension for Chrome adds a row of buttons next to your Reply button, each giving you the option of sending a pre-determined response straight back to the sender. The ability to choose your own buttons is coming in future versions, and for now users can use the ubiquitous “Like!” button, a “Task Done!” button and a “TL;DR” reply for those overly long off-topic emails from people other than your boss.


The responses can be customised by the user, and it’s possible to choose between “reply” and “reply-to-all” for group email chats. GmailWiz allows you to customise your responses with personal messages, and is bound to save you time so you can focus on work and play, rather than clearing your inbox.


  • Add a selection of instant response buttons to each email in a thread, alongside the existing Gmail Reply button.
  • Customise the responses with your own personalised replies.
  • The ability to add your own buttons and tie responses to them is coming soon, further expanding your options.

Check out GmailWiz @ Chrome Web Store

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Rob H

There is a Google Labs “Canned Response” add in and it’s not specific to Chrome. Sure it’s labelled “experimental” but it’s been there a long time and works very well.

Go to Settings>Labs>search for “Canned”

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