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Gmail’s new inbox was introduced Gmail Unveils New Inbox With Tabs To Give You More Control Over Your Email [Updates] Gmail Unveils New Inbox With Tabs To Give You More Control Over Your Email [Updates] Google introduced on Wednesday a fresh look for Gmail on its desktop, Android, and iOS apps. The changes are not cosmetic – the focus is on better email organization and management. This is the vaunted... Read More only last week, and now the controversial Gmail categories have arrived on iOS. This Gmail update, just like the one on the Web, is meant to give users more control over their inbox, while eliminating the pain of having to manually create filters and labels for everything. The new system helps you organize your emails into five new tabs: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums.

Gmail will attempt to automatically categorize your email for you, but you can set some rules of your own as well. The trick is, while the tabs themselves are now available on the iOS app, you cannot activate or configure them from the app. If you haven’t enabled the new inbox from the Web interface (Cog icon -> Configure inbox), you won’t see it in the iOS app either. There’s also no way to configure the categories from the app.

In addition to the new inbox, the new version of Gmail for iOS includes customized notifications which you can set to receive for all new email, only important emails (Primary), or for nothing at all. These can be customized from within the app by tapping the cog icon on the top left.

If you’re using Android, you should already be seeing the new inbox, providing you’ve enabled it on the Web. So head over to the App Store and get the updated version of Gmail for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and lets us know what you think of the new inbox!

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