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GmailAssistant is an amazing little java application that allows you to check multiple Gmail accounts including Gmail for Domains at the same time. GmailAssistant accesses your Google accounts securely using IMAP over SSL. Basically folks, that means that it’s pretty secure!

GmailAssistant allows you to completely customize your notification options. You can choose to have it find all mail, unread in the Inbox, and even mail with specific labels. You can even choose different alert methods…i.e. popup message, chime, blink keyboard LED.


Single-File – GmailAssistant is launched from just one file. All you need to run it is contained in that one executable .jar file.
No Installation – GmailAssistant is packaged into one executable .jar file, which means it runs on any Operating System.
Leave It – GmailAssistant does not modify any system settings in any way. Everything needed for it runs in the .jar file.
Convenience – Always on top, SOCKS proxy, save/load program and account settings in encrypted profiles, automatic profile loading, adjustable mail check frequency, persistent and navigable popup messages
Updates – Easily update GmailAssistant with one click.
LicenseGNU General Public License version 2.

What it looks like

Here is the GmailAssistant Main form. From this page you can configure your various Gmail accounts.

Listed below is the “Account Form” where you specifiy your specific details for your various Gmail or Gmail for Domains accounts. This is where you’ll also set up the specific privileges about how you want GmailAssistant to notify you and alert you to your accounts.

Last but not least, is the view from the system tray. Here you’ll see the small GmailAssistant icon where it will display your alerts.


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