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Google has upgraded Gmail labels this week, bringing two Labs features into everyday functionality and making email organising easier for everyone. Gmail users keen to give the new features a try will find that they are already enabled and ready to use on all Gmail accounts.

Google says, “We created the ‘Hide read labels‘ and ‘Hide Labels from Subjects‘ labs to help people manage their ever-growing lists of labels. Given the popularity and usefulness of these labs, we’ve decided to graduate them into fully-fledged features.”

Previously the “Hide Read Labels” labs functionality would have hidden all labels in the labels list without unread items. Now there’s greater flexibility, as users can choose which labels to show always, hide always or hide when read. This fine control is also quite intuitive, since it is reminiscent of the Gmail chat options.

The “Hide Labels in Subjects” labs extension is now seen controlling which labels are shown/hidden in messages. While in labs, the only option was to hide all labels or none of the labels. Now that it has been incorporated as an official feature, users can choose which labels can be seen in the messages and which to hide.


Labels can be controlled individually by clicking on the label and viewing the options or edited in bulk by accessing the labels tab in settings. Note there are two different controls: one for hiding or showing labels in the label list; and one for hiding or showing labels in the message list.

Have you tried the new labels features? How have they helped you? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Download Squad

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  1. Martha Cliver
    March 4, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    loved the updates, thanks for heads up