Gmail Tips: Four Degrees Towards Becoming A Gmail Ninja

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thumbnail8What’s with Google? Googlers seem to never put down their thinking caps and out comes this little nugget of a page called Gmail Tips.

A few posts back, I had put up something on 10 Little Known Google Pages worth a Second Look. Now, here’s another section of Google which is far more useful and worthy of a bookmark.

Do you feel lost amidst the myriad options within Gmail? Some features pass by even the most involved users; I should know as I am one of them. Or on the other hand, you might have to explain Gmail to a rank babe-in-the-wood.

If its the straight and easy help one seeks on Gmail, then who could be better than the experts at Google itself.


The page is not immediately apparent from the home page of either Google or Gmail and one has to search and click twice to land here. So if you constantly need to refer to Gmail’s help, it’s better to bookmark the Gmail Tips page.

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The way of the Ninja

The best thing about this section is that it takes a learner’s (and leaner) approach instead of dishing out the usual “˜Help and Support’ geek-speak. What’s with the “˜Ninja’ thing? The goal of Gmail Tips is to teach the user all the ins and outs of Gmail towards an ultimate goal of better email management. That’s the way towards productivity.

The Gmail Tips page has been put together from the contributions of Gmail boffins and what they think are the best productivity ideas. The Gmail Tips page does not follow a straight-laced approach as we see in most help pages. That’s what scares away most technophobes amongst us, I guess. The page is more of a “˜How to’.

The page is divided into four sections each for a particular level of use.

White belt: I get a few messages a day
Simple tips like how to organize your email with labels.

Green belt: I get a dozen or so messages a day
For instance, ways to use Tasks as a handy to-do list.

Black belt: I get a lot of messages a day
Tip on how to enable offline Gmail and take it with you anywhere.

Gmail master: I get a massive number of messages a day
I didn’t know about this one – Forget to sign out of a public computer? Sign out remotely.

Ninja gear for the course

The expanding list of tips and info are just one facet of the course. Also, included are embedded video clips which further help out.

Especially handy is the 600KB printable guide which can be downloaded and kept as ready reference for all the tips listed on the site page. Presently, just two-paged”¦ I can imagine that it will grow as more tips get added (A free laminated version was also there for the taking but it has run out).

From a link at the bottom of the page, you too can share your own tips or upload a video to Google’s YouTube channel.


The Gmail Tips page is an effective course for someone new to Gmail. But even old hands can pick up a tip or two.

Here at, we aren’t doing too badly either with ways to make the most of Gmail. Whether it’s the Ultimate GMail Collection of over 80 Tools and Tips or How to Stay Connected with Gmail , our complete list of posts on Gmail covers quite a lot of ground.

Also, you can’t be a ninja without downloading out cheat sheets! Check them out.

Would Gmail Tips find a place amongst your bookmarks? Let us know in the comments.

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