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Using Gmail search often? Google has has just made auto-complete in the search box even better. The new feature will offer better suggestions as you type, and should help you search your oceanic inbox more efficiently. Auto-complete suggestions will now include your previous Gmail searches, as well as contact thumbnails in the search dropdown next to your contacts’ names and addresses.

Auto-complete and suggestions are not new in Gmail, which was already helping search by suggesting contacts and other search terms, but with the new history and contacts, there will be even less thinking and remembering to do while you search, making it even more similar to Google Search. This announcement comes on the heal of the one telling us that Gmail’s new compose Gmail's New Compose Is Now Default, Soon All Users Will Be Required To Use It [Updates] Gmail's New Compose Is Now Default, Soon All Users Will Be Required To Use It [Updates] Google announced on Thursday that Gmail's new compose window feature will become the default option for users, and that it will do away with the old compose option soon thereafter. With the recent termination of... Read More is now default, with the apparent goal of increasing our Gmail productivity.

Search is one of Gmail’s strongest feature ever since its debut in 2004, and it’s definitely required in an email client which lets us “fire and forget” our messages, and dump them in its vast digital warehouse. Here’s what Google had to say  about the update:

If you’ve searched your email for “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” or other lengthy phrases, it just got easier to find what you’re looking for.  Auto-complete predictions in Gmail may now include your past Gmail searches.

Hopefully, they really will. The changes are being rolled out gradually, as usual, so expect to see these nice touches in your account shortly.

Will this help your Gmail productivity, or is this another insignificant update?


Source: Gmail on Google+

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