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After a massive overhaul to its Gmail application on iOS Gmail 2.0 Update Hits The App Store With New Design And Features [Updates] Gmail 2.0 Update Hits The App Store With New Design And Features [Updates] The Gmail app on iOS has just received a new update designed to improve the core functionality of the application with a new look and some sought after new features. The first change that users... Read More launched only recently, Google is still not content to sit back and enjoy its success. Another slick Gmail update has just been announced, and its not a mere iteration either. While this does not fundamentally change the application in the way the previous update did, it does add some useful features that may attract users who were not using the application before.

The biggest change this update brings is the ability to perform the same actions on multiple messages simultaneously. Just like on the Web, users can quickly check off a bunch of messages and mark them as read, archive them, or move a large group of them through their Gmail labels .  This may have been the one major feature Gmail’s iOS app was missing, and it’s certainly going to help in keeping your inboxes organizes.

Also new in this version is an improvement to users navigation. Instead of going back to the inbox after looking at each message, you can now swipe left or right to move between messages quickly. This makes navigating much faster, and allows users to get in, read messages and get on with the day.

In its effort to make the mobile app as much like the Web as possible, Google is also bringing some of the Web’s search functions to the app. In the new version, typing a name of a contact or a specific term causes the predictive text feature to come into action and pop up useful suggestions and auto-completions. This makes searching your inbox that much faster on iOS. The update also adds supports for multiple attachments and comes with a handy sketch tool that lets you to draw something and attach it to an email in one step.

Download the latest version of Gmail from the App Store.

Do these updates make Gmail’s iOS app more tempting? How does it compare to iOS’s native Mail app?


Source: Cnet


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