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Gmail Drive

Gmail Drive is not very popular and widely adopted tool. However, I am sure many of you will like it. It’s a very small program, which lets gmail users utilize their gmail storage (approx 2.5 GB) in the same way as they use storage on their computers. GMail Drive literally adds a new drive to your computer under the My Computer folder, where you can create new folders, store and drag’n’drop files, once installed it’ll appear as ‘GMail Drive’ (picture above). When opened for the first time you are reqired to provide your gmail address and password so that program can access their account.

Afterwards you simply can drag’n’drop any files to the drive. When you add files to gmail drive, it will immediately upload files to user’s gmail account. You can easily access/edit/delete these files anytime by simply opening the drive. There are couple of things you need to be careful of though;

  • Max file size is 10 MB: When you add file to gmail drive, to store this file on your gmail account program sends an email to your account with the file as an attachment. Because, Google allows only attachment of files smaller then 10 MB size program can not send an email with file bigger then 10 MB in size.
  • Filenames should not exceed 65 characters in length.

You can think of this one as an extra 2.5 GB storage. However, it is important to keep in mnd that everytime the file is dragged to the drive it will have to be uploaded to gmail first and therefore moving slightly big files may take time for an upload to complete. An ideal way would be to use these drive for documents that you need to access from somewhere else. Ex: presentations, homework assignments, etc.

Since this program is developed by a single person and not affiliated with Google, it may not work as expected in case Google will change some technical aspects in it’s Gmail service. Anywyas, to sum up I used it for a while and it worked for me quite well. In case you’ll experience some problems, check out program updates page here. I think for many people this program may eliminate the need for USB sticks completely.

For more info and download visit official site


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