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The global language may be English, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t express ourselves in other languages. Google recognized that and now has added 100 virtual keyboards, transliteration and IMEs to Gmail. Google calls them Input Tools and with these inclusions, Gmail now officially supports 75 languages thanks to the new virtual keyboards. It is a big jump from the five that Gmail started out with initially. Effectively, now you can communicate much more comfortably in the language of your choosing.

Enable the new Input Tools by going to Settings. Click on Show all language options under Language. Check the Enable input tools option. You can select the Input tools you want from the box that opens up. Don’t forget to save the changes. Gmail will load again and you can select the Input tool of your choice in the new Compose window. You can turn any Input tool on and off from here.

Head to Gmail Support for a more thorough explanation of Input tools and how you can use them to say the right things.

Gmail is about communication, and C. Andrew Warren, Product Manager of Gmail hits the right note when he says:

Finding the right words can be difficult, especially across languages, and once you choose them, finding a way to type them can be even harder. Try emailing family in Germany, chatting with friends in China or adding a Russian business partner’s name to your contacts and you may find yourself limited by the language of your keyboard.

Source: Gmail Blog


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