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Gmail offers you the function of opening attached documents from Google Docs. But what if there are a bunch of attached documents that you simply want to save in Docs instead of viewing them right away? The answer is the web tool Gmail Attachments to Docs.

save gmail attachments to google docs

Gmail Attachments to Docs is free to use and it lets you save Gmail attachments directly to your Google Docs accounts. The tools come as a browser extension for Google Chrome and works fine for the latest version of the browser. The extension adds a new “Save To Docs” option next to your attachments within your Gmail messages. To save those documents in Docs, all you have to do is click on this option and they will be saved in your Docs account. A notification message is shown, confirming the save.


  • A user-friendly tool.
  • Lets you save attachments in Gmail directly in Docs.
  • Comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome.

Check out Gmail Attachments to Docs @ 

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