Gmail 2.0 Update Hits The App Store With New Design And Features [Updates]

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The Gmail app on iOS has just received a new update designed to improve the core functionality of the application with a new look and some sought after new features. The first change that users will notice is the new look of the app. The app certainly looks a lot smoother with the new design.

Another feature Gmail users on iOS have waited for is the ability to log into multiple accounts from the app. Well, Google has listened to the demands and finally added the feature to the service. Gmail 2.0 gives users the ability to log into up to five different Gmail accounts using the app, which should go a long way to creating a more pleasant experience for users of the app.

The new version of Gmail also comes with improved search features. The app will now automatically add suggested searches so you can save some time typing in what you are looking for. In another time-saver, you can RSVP to Google Calendar invites and comment on Google+ posts directly from the app.

Currently, some users are having issues installing the new version. Google said that it is rolling out gradually, so if you are having issues updating or downloading it, sit tight, and the update should be made available to you soon.

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F√©lix S. De Jes√ļs

I love the update, because i was tired of getting crashes, and the new interface is very pretty.

Din One

yes the most important the interface must look friendly… XD



My phone sucks so much that I can’t even surf the web…



I have this app and it looks like it is working fine. I just wish I could add more folders



It’s pretty.

Unfortunately pretty but dumb. Why on earth would the developers remove the next / previous buttons thwarting to ability to quickly review emails? Now you have to go back to the inbox to select the next / previous email. Design fail.

tl/dr: Don’t “upgrade”.

Mac Witty

Agree, sorry I didn’t read your post before I accepted the update :(


Removing the next/prev buttons was an incredibly stupid decision to go with aesthetics instead of core functionality. Next/prev is not some esoteric, rarely-used function that 1% of people use. I would guess that it’s one of the top 5 functions, so it seems very short-sighted for it to be removed with no replacement. I’ve tried swiping every which way, with a single finger and with multitouch, but nothing works. The functionality has just disappeared. The new version of the app has therefore become completely unusable for me and I’ll have to find an alternative. Major FAIL!


Agreed. Unbelievably idiotic move. Is there any way to go back go the previous version with the next previous buttons?


Rigoberto Garcia

Download this app to install in my iPad. Thanks Dave…

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