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Glydo-ThumbMany little browser apps have surfaced even as our world has been flooded by news and information. These browser tools can be called browsing assistants or search assistants. Their one point agenda – help us find more web content.

Glydo also does just that. This Firefox addon automatically detects what we are browsing and then it brings us related web content.

Glydo sources these contents from the web, RSS Feeds, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr, Amazon and a host of other sites and displays it like a headline ticker in the status bar.

Add-ons like SimilarWeb and Xmarks are helpful for discovering similar websites. Browsing tools like Headup and Glue Recommendations On Movies, Music, Books From Glue [Firefox] Recommendations On Movies, Music, Books From Glue [Firefox] Read More have a narrower focus. Combined or alone these browser tools not only make our browsing richer but also faster as they take the onus of giving us new and relevant web content within a click. Glydo does the same job in a slightly different avatar.

Glydo Defined

Glydo, in their own words is as an associative content discovery service. It discovers web content relevant to what you are interested in right now and delivers that in the form of recommendations. To achieve all this, Glydo uses semantic and contextual discovery technology to analyze the webpage currently being read. Based on that, Glydo sources relevant information from the other sources.

Installing Glydo as a Firefox Plugin

Glydo gets installed on the status bar of Firefox. The new content is displayed in an unobtrusive way and you can go forward or back through the headlines using the arrow buttons. Glydo gives you a few more buttons to push give you pop-ups with the related content listings.



And what would any tool be without the omnipresent Share button. There is no dearth of ways to share a liked page.


The only other button is for the settings which let you customize three options.


Gliding with Glydo

Let’s take Glydo around the block a few times and discover for ourselves what else is there to read and share.

Glydo gives the best results in web pages with a single post or article. Quite obviously, the pages where you have many abstracts of articles which leave more to read will give you widely differing results. That may not be all relevant, so take Glydo to the page with the entire post and the quality of results changes.

Here I am on a webpage page with a product review of an Android phone. Glydo gathers the related items quickly and displays it as a linked headline. I can scroll through them using the arrow buttons. I can also push the individual pop-up buttons and browse to the related stories I want to read. The pop-up displays the headline, the news source, the time or date of the story and the share icon. Auto-notifications keep up abreast of the stories.


The related web content was “˜related’ and not off the mark. In some of my test runs, the tweets appear to be dated so offhand I think that they are ordered according to significance rather than real time.

Does Glydo make for zero-effort browsing?

Yes, it does because I don’t have to go hunting for related content. The only grouse I have with the add-on is that it limits the stories to a maximum of four (as far as I could see). A limited number of new sources is okay for casual browsing but when it comes to more in depth browsing (for research), a few more links would definitely add up.

Perhaps, the later versions can incorporate a feature that would let us set the number we want for each web content type. More real time results from Twitter would be another point on the wish list.


Glydo does not take up much of browser estate. Confined to the status bar, it brings up the new web sources quite swiftly. Relevancy might differ from page to page, but on the whole the semantic technology holds up.

Which addon have you picked for discovering new webpages? Will you give Glydo an inch of space? Let us know.

Glydo ver. 0.9.20 can also be installed from Mozilla’s Addon Gallery.

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