Google Earth – Look at your home from Satelite

Google Earth is one of my favorite web services offered by Google. This application combines satellite imagery, maps, aerial photos and google search engine, producing interesting application that enables anyone to view almost any part of the world and simulatenously get location related google search results. As google states;

“Google Earth puts a planet’s worth of imagery and other geographic information right on your desktop. View exotic locales like Maui and Paris as well as points of interest such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more.”Âť Link

Image quality is quite good. The quality and the speed of this service(given you are on broadband) truly shows how far technology has gone by bringing to your desktop something that we used to see only on the blockbusters not so long ago. Google earth has free and premium version which comes with more options. To start using service, a software download(approx.14 MB) is required. If your PC is more then 1.5 years old, then before you install it check ‘recommended hardware configuration’ here.

What can it be used for?

  • zoom in from space to any physical address
  • checkout schools, hotels, restaurants, etc
  • discover driving directions
  • View 3D terraing of buildings
  • Possibility to Save/ Share location searches

With Google earn not only you can view almost any physical address on the planet, but also browse through fun earth tours produced by other users. For instance, there is a tour featuring satellite images of 10 most expensive homes in the world(view images, 3D terrains of these houses and etc.). Someone may also find it helpful for cheking out an hotel or resort before actually booking it. You can see yourself whether the beach house you are about to book is actually a beach house and not a ‘100 meter away’ beach house. Well, the rest is up to your imagination. To get more tips from Google itself visit Google Earth Showcase here.

Sample pictures provided on Google Earth (click to enlarge):

gearth1   Google Earth   Look at your home from Satelite gearth2   Google Earth   Look at your home from Satelite

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i think at the moment there is nothing on the web that’ll let you access real-time (live) images of the place. Although, I think in a year or two this should be possible.


Do you know where I can find the most recent satilite images? Ones that are not months if not years old??


@ dennis

Hmmmmm, it’s kind of blurry from here. Is it fine on your end?


i want to see may university from space (universuty of batna)


good luck… ;-)


WHat the freak how do you see your house from space


please can i see my house from space


Guyz …
In order to to see your house you’ll need to DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Google Earth program. Once done just search for your address.


I want to view my house via satilite.

mancillas jose

just to see the beautiful places on earth


i cant seem to look at my house using google earth
i searched my address but all that comes up is a blur can some one help me out


What city and country you’re from? Less popular cities receive less priority and may be viewed only at fairly low zoom levels.

sarah tucker

i like it

Amit Nagar

i want to see my house from satelite. i m loving it.


i jvst luvv it


i want to view the city of burdwan from satelite. May i view?


how to view my house
i am from india


i want to see west bengal-burdwan-kshetia


@ Gina

Sorry this is far beyond what Google Earth can offer.


i want to look my house …which is in pakistan


google has done a great thing


find my home 507riverview village west pittston PA 18643

larry lingerfelt

find my home 6756 casar road lawndale nc 28090


i want tosee my home town jhalda, dist-purulia ,west bengal

K Suresh

I would like to see my house through breath taking satelite service provided by google earth- I am from Kakinada,East Godavari Dist,Andhra Pradesh,India


is it possible to see via satelite a past event, or i may say, can i view a recorded files, if there is?


This is soo cool…………


I think it is the most difficult idea and could not be acomplished.this is for only to think.


yes I am trying to see a picture of my house


i would like to see my home swett home from space!!!!!!!!!!!


I want to see my home but i m unable to see it can anyone help me please snd suggestion on my id


i’ve had about this,yet i’ve been a witnenes

inara sadruddin

Ilove my home and i want to see it from my eyes.
my address is 315-2 at al- azhar garden in karachi .


I want to see my house.I also want to see my native villege because its like interesting to me


i want to see my house thats bad but there not viewieng my house thats bad thing


I can’t find out how to see my house!


how can my house in google earth????