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The recent volcano incident in Iceland has made people realize how volcanoes can disrupt your life. It is never a bad idea to be aware of any volcanoes near you and GlobalVolcanismProgram helps you with that. You can browse through the list of volcanoes for the whole world, see them on a map and even browse photos.

You can also view weekly and monthly reports for Volcanic activities and unrests around the world. Find a volcano by name, region or simply learn more about volcanoes through the extensive FAQs. Clicking on any volcano will show you its name, location, status, type, geographical details and last known eruption date. The website is an excellent resource to learn and keep track of volcanoes around the world.

volcanoes names location

volcanoes names location


  • Read about volcanoes of the world.
  • See them as a list, a map or browse photos.
  • Read weekly volcanic activity reports.
  • Get info such as status, type, location and eruption date.
  • Learn about volcanoes through extensive FAQ.
  • No registration required.

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