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Global Stat Counter (originating for its parent company “˜Stat Counter’) is a web app which keeps track of the global trends when it comes to web technology and the internet. The homepage consists of a huge trend graph which plots statistics from the previous few months.  The data is based on a monthly pageviews (5 billion) collected from across the StatCounter network of more than 3 million websites.

web technology trends

For example, when I visited the site the graph showed the percentage success/fail of the big search engines; Yahoo!-Bing, and Google. The graph was easy-to-read and what’s more it was accompanied by a news story. This is something I found particularly fitting with Global Stat Counter – it gives the news as well as the statistics; I found this makes the graphs more credible and without them the site would just be a bunch of graphs with no real context.

web usage trends

There are several categories which Global Stat Counter keeps track of in the tech world. These include; Search Engine Usage, OS Usage and Browser Usage. Not only this but you can also  select where in the world you want to get statistics from. By default it is set to Worldwide but you can further narrow it down to continent or even to a specific country.


When you have found the statistic you want you can do one of three things; save it as a jpeg image; download it as an Excel document or embed it using the HTML embedding code provided.


  • Keeps statistics in technology industry from around the world.
  • Gets stats on Search Engine Usage, OS Usage, Browser Usage… etc.
  • Stats are based on 5 billion pageviews per month collected from across the StatCounter network of more than 3 million websites.
  • Ability to select particular world region.
  • View stats as line or bar graph.
  • Download the graph or save as image.
  • Share graphs by embedding.
  • Related news headlines are included.

Check out GlobalStatCounter @ (by Dean Sherwin)

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