Global Rich List: How Rich Am I in The World ?

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Ever wondered where do you rank among the world’s richest people? Global Rich List can tell you. It gives you a fairly good estimate of where you rank based on your early income. The calculations are based on the income figures from the World Bank Development Research Group.

If you feel poor simply because you can’t afford a bigger house or that fancy car you always wanted then give it a try. It’ll make you feel better. If you’re reading this blog there is a good chance you’re a lot better off than you might think. Just enter your annual income into the provided field and hit ‘show me the money’ button. See the screenshot below.

How Rich Am I in The World

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This if flawed since it does not take purchasing power parity into account. Someone earning $10,000 in Mumbai is a lot richer than someone earning $10,000 in New York


kevin sutherland

man that website is an eye opener. I shared some of the data with my church people were amazed at just how blessed and prosperous we are. “to whom much is given much is required”



You might also check out this website which compares your net worth to other’s: It’s similar to the global rich list, but the data is updated.



Good point…



but that same person travelling to new york wouldn’t be able to afford to eat when he gets there hence it is universal!

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