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On eBay, when folks want to win an item at the auction, they usually place their bid in advance and set it to the maximum amount they are willing to pay. However, as eBay experts point out early bids increase the item’s value to other participating bidders and therefore drives up the final value of the item. Also, folks who usually bid at the very end of the auction know that continuously refreshing the auction page is tiresome, unreliable and often gets the person to irrationally overbid the item’s worth.

Gixen is a free auction sniper for eBay, which automates the whole bidding process and can automatically place bids on your behalf in the last minute. You simply sign in with your eBay login, enter your maximum bid and quantity and click on the “Add” button.

Gixen places your bid 10 seconds before the auction ends, which in turn gets you a lower final bid price. You can schedule up to 10 multiple simultaneous last-minute auctions, even with your computer off.

auction sniper for ebay


  • Auction sniper for eBay to automatically place bids in last 10 seconds of the auction.
  • Schedule up to 10 snipes at the same time.
  • Nothing to download. Simply sign in with your eBay login.
  • Basic service is free (99.5% reliable).
  • Premium service (Gixen mirror):  Pay 6$/ year and you get 100%  reliability, bids are sent from multiple locations, no ads, wider choice of snipe times and other features.
  • Similar tools: eBaySpy.

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