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Convenient service for people looking for serious fool-proof email privacy. It provides you with multiple disposable email accounts for each new ‘unsure’ subscription and forwards all incoming messages fto that address to your ‘real’ email. Note: You can always ‘dispose’ GishPuppy’s email account (.i.e. you select when you want to cancel email accounts, hence effectively stopping spam from the corresponding subscription).

disposable email accounts


  • Browser addons for Firefox and IE: (1) instantly create disposable accounts on whatever website you’re, (2) autofill ‘username’ field on websites where you have used GishPuppy
  • Cancel individual email accounts when not needed or after a selected expiry date
  • Remembers multiple email log-in ID’s (clicking on the ‘gish it’ icon from the sign-in page enters the ‘gish’ email and corresponding web-page into database for future reference)
  • and more

Visit: GishPuppy

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