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There are a number of ways to get more desktop space. Dual monitors is the most obvious way. Simple tricks like hiding the taskbar also helps. But GiMeSpace is a software that offers a novel solution to this issue. It frees up the horizontal and vertical borders of your desktop so that you can put stuff there. So you can move a window or an icon beyond the visible space on your desktop into the dark corners that no one has ever seen (and you can see by scrolling horizontally or vertically).

extend your desktop

The program comes in free and extender edition. The latter costs $12.50 but the former isn’t terribly limited which is a good thing (the screenshot above shows the options of the extender edition). You can use the scroll lock key anytime to stop scrolling and fix the desktop in its current position.

To see it in action watch demo video below:


  • Software that frees up the horizontal and vertical borders of desktop.
  • Windows only.

Check out GiMeSpace @

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